Does it keep running when your browser is closed?

Basic question. I know you configure it in the browser tab, but if you close that tab, will it in any way affect how it’s running? Also, the program didn’t automatically open up my browser. I had to manually put the URL in. is that normal?


Yes, Syncthing runs in the background with the browser closed. Whether a browser window opens when you fire up Syncthing depends very much on how you installed it, and there is an option to suppress that as well (Settings → GUI → Start Browser).

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You mean checking the Start Browser box DISABLES the browser from starting?

No, of course that would be backwards. You may want to check out the documentation here and here, especially regarding the -no-browser and -browser-only options.

What operating system are you running on? And where did you install Syncthing from?

It worked after I tried it again. Also, after changing from HTTP to HTTPS, my browser started saying it was a dangerous link. I thought HTTPS was more secure than HTTP. Why is it saying this?

By default, Syncthing uses a self-signed TLS certificate for the GUI, which the browser cannot verify against its trusted certificate list. That is totally expected and the easiest way is to add an exception in the browser. As long as you only use the GUI locally on the same host, there are no serious security implications.

A proper solution would be to generate a real TLS certificate, but you need a working public domain name for that to work, so it only makes sense for an externally reachable GUI.

Disabling HTTPS is also fine as long as only the local host has access to the GUI anyway.

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