Does IGMP version affect Syncthing status?


I have two remote Debian boxes. I experienced that sometimes one machine is unable to connect and sync with the other one. As the problem occures without a particular sequence of events, I experienced that the problem is the modem/router: after restarting it everything, goes right. I verified that the option “multicasts/broadcasts” is On, but I can see that the associated IGMP version is 2. There are two other versions available that I could select in place of version 2, that is Ver.1 or Ver.3. May the problem be related to the version automatically setted on? One of the other two versions of IGMP is better than ver.2?

Thanks in advance for the answer! Enrico Marchetti

I think there is a bug with ipv6 discovery locking up discovery as a whole. If you are in v4 land, try leaving the announce address for v6 empty and see if that helps.