Documents and Desktop folders are permanently hidden

MacOS 13.0.1 After unseccessful initial Syncthings setup finished by global MacOS halt, ~/Documents and ~/Desktop folders are permanently hidden in Finder. While there are no hidden flags on them if I check with getfileinfo command. Also xattr -l * shows only “” and “” on both of’em. Apple support fights this problem for a third day, and still nothing. Maybe you know what leads to this behaviour and how to return these folders to visible state?

No idea about the hiddenness, but since you mention iCloud… If I remember correctly from when I used it, if you have iCloud Desktop & Documents enabled, you don’t actually get “real” ~/Desktop and ~/Documents folders, at least not with contents, as those are now some sort of link or alias into iCloud?

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God bless you! You pointed me to what I searched for. Thanks )

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