Documentation/wiki improvements

Here are few of my proposals/comments:

  1. I think a sidebar would be useful in documentation, specially when there two set of audience: developers and non-developers. I added one in this fork: . Ofcourse the order can be adjusted appropriately.

  2. A temporary (& faster) solution for more informative downloads page could be to add a download page in wiki and link that wiki page to website.

  3. I am writing a python script to take all wiki and convert it to a single pdf with different sub-sections. I will be using the sidebar to get section/sub-section order etc. Does that sound reasonable?

  4. I just noticed that installation instructions may not be very clear for novice non-developers. I will try to add few thing but it will be limited to linux and windows.

  5. I also think that an image emphasizing peer-to-peer synchronization could be helpful for new visitor to understand what syncthing does. May be replace/update the first image ?

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Also title of the wiki page ā€œProject presentationā€ sounds out of place. Could ā€œAbout Syncthing developersā€ be a better title?

Good idea, feel free to reproduce this on the main wiki.


Hmm, I dislike both titles:) ā€˜The Syncthing Umbrellaā€™ as part of the dev sidepanel section?