Documentation translation page request

I’m a non native English speaker.

Though I can read the English Doc, it takes me triple time to get the same information from a English Doc than Chinese Doc.

I believe this is not a individual problem, but a common problem for non English Speakers.

My personal solution is every time I read some part of the doc, I translated it and make Markdown Notes. But that’s experience is nasty.

If possible, I wish could have translated version where some heartful users can help translating the Doc.

Having translated documentation for sure makes it more accessible to the non-English speaking users. The main problem though is that, firstly, there is a lot of content to translate, and secondly, someone will have to maintain such translations, keeping them up-to-date in the future, which I would say is usually the main problem in such cases.

For instance, uBlock Origin (which is also a free and open source project) has recently removed all their non-English readme files, simply because they were heavily outdated and didn’t match the current release of the software anymore.