Docker volumes

The Dockerfile has /var/syncthing as the available mount point. However, that volume has two very different things in it:

  1. /var/syncthing/config - the configuration files
  2. /var/syncthing/Sync - the default sync data directory

As someone who uses Docker data volumes, I would want to manage the configuration files differently than I do my important files. Should these be separate mount points?

Note: a change like this would potentially break anyone who is using syncthing/syncthing:latest. Although people should really be pinning their versions in production, but I’m not looking to fight that battle here :sweat_smile:

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I am still kinda new to Docker but you should be able to:

  • mount /var/syncthing
  • completely ignore /var/syncthing/Sync (it might be created if you don’t generate the config before starting the container, you can always delete it afterwards)
  • mount your data directory to wherever, say /data,
  • and in the UI, just change the default directory to /data.
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