Docker Syncting external path

Hello and good evening, I have a problem that I’m not getting anywhere with.

Currently I am using Syncthing under Windows and synchronize my files from different computers externally to a NAS. That means I have NO files locally under Windows. I only use Windows to run Syncthing.

Now I would like to move Syncthing to Docker (PhotonOS) and build it identically. Unfortunately it is not possible to synchronize Syncthing only to the NAS. It always creates a folder under _data and synchronizes to the Docker host volume.

How would I have to mount my NAS in syncthing to do this?

Maybe someone has an idea. Thanks.


OK, while I was also waiting for my question to be approved, I came up with a solution myself. My previous approach was always to use volume mounts. Now I use a Bind mount and can mount everything I want with it.

So I have my functionality again.


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