Docker "latest" at 1.27

Quick question about the syncthing/syncthing container on Docker hub.

I recent moved one of my clients to Docker. This is the first time I’ve gone through a release cycle with a Docker client so what I’m about to describe might be the normal sequence of events.

The “latest” container went to version 1.27 about 8 hours ago. I don’t actually see v1.27 on GitHub - over there, the latest build is v.127.0-rc2.

I’d just like to confirm that the “latest” tag on docker containers is, in fact, latest release and that using this tag won’t get me RC releases now or in the future.


It’s on GitHub under, however right now only the source code is available with no pre-compiled binaries.

Right. I usually tag and build the day before the release, so that things are prepped and there is a chance for wrappers like Android to pick up the new release early if desired. Unfortunately, the Docker image is pushed by the build process, so it gets dragged along and released a day early.

Awesome. Thank you!

This isn’t a problem at all - just wanted to understand if something like you described was going on. Thanks again.