Docker from Linuxserver or Syncthing?

It is unclear to me which Docker image I should use? As I am not an expert in Linux or Docker, the Linuxserver version has great documentation, with a nice docker-compose example and variables example to add all data folders.

However I read local discovery is not possible with that version.

I prefer to stick to originals, but the SyncThing image has no Compose example.

I am running Ubuntu 19.10 (Budgie) and normally just installed via apt-get but I do like to switch to docker assuming there is no performance issue.

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What are you going to compose it with?

Nothing else, I create containers per application. Some of my containers only get internet access via VPN. I have a seperate container for VPN and the other containers user network_mode to go via the VPN service. But I don’t need SyncThing to go via VPN.

sudo docker-compose -f ~/docker/docker-compose.yml up -d

Using my compose file:

Atm I am *Not planning to add SSL, reverse proxy etc. If I do I will create a seperate container for that (for example for Traefik) and adjust my other containers via labels to work with traefik. I have seen a few examples and that seems to be the most clean and simple option. Since Traefik is way to complicated for me atm, I just want to run SyncThing as is, by opening a few ports in my router.

Then there is not much to compose. You add volumes for the things you want to sync, host networking if you want local discovery, and that’s pretty much it.

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