Docker compose - discosrv

Good afternoon everyone,

My very first post. I have been using Syncthing for some time, and first off, hats off to y’all for an awesome project.

I am trying to setup Syncthing Discovery Server via docker compose. I have sort of frankinsteined together a working file, but to run it behind a reverse proxy, I have to specify -http. I can’t see to see where to set that in the docker compose file?

Also, other than /var/stdiscosrv folder in a volume, are there any other folders people might recommend?


Discovery server is a self contained container, why do you want to get compose involved?

Mostly was thinking so that I could put it behind my traefik container and be able to Store persistent data.

Also I am familiar with compose but not so much with what you’re referring to as far as keeping it running automatically. I know in a compose file you can tell it to restart unless stopped.

I assume I’m missing something then?


I think adding this argument to the command part of the relevant service will work.

  ...other discosrv items...
    - "--http"

Thanks I’ll give it a try!

Thanks @er-pa that did the trick.

Now I am just trying to figure out how the discosrv works. I have it behind Traefik (I followed a guide here: docs/users/stdiscosrv.rst at patch-1 · Cobertos/docs · GitHub) and the end clients show as connected but do not see each other. When I look at the logs it indicates a negative cache and shows a lookup for an id but { } for a resultant IP.

Not sure whats going on there. Still messing with it but welcome any feedback.