Do you want to work with me on Syncthing?

I’m hiring and putting up the ad here first as a preview! (It’s at least semi-on topic as it means working on Syncthing.)

Junior / mid-level developer

As a developer at Kastelo, you’ll work on several projects and products:

  • The Syncthing project. (Go, Javascript, etc. development, plus the usual busywork of triaging, supporting & reviewing.)
  • A SaaS/mobile product for airports by our sister company. (Go & Flutter development, the usual cloud-type DevOps.)
  • Various other consulting development work when we get requests from clients. The technologies and frameworks vary but are often somewhere in the Syncthing-related space.


  • You should have a developer skillset and mindset. We don’t ask for specific languages and environments; we ask that you’re able and willing to learn. Knowing Unixes, networking, and programming in the traditional Unix/OSS languages is helpful.
  • Ability to self-start and self-regulate on project work, and communicate clearly when you need help.
  • Able to communicate well in spoken and written English.
  • Be in the UTC+2 timezone, plus/minus a few hours, so we have overlapping work days. That means the EU and Africa, more or less.


  • Work from wherever. There’s office space in Malmö, Sweden, if you’re around here. You can also work from home; we provide an allowance for setting up a home office.
  • Keep your own working hours. As long as there’s reasonable overlap with UTC+2 working hours for communication, feel free to distribute your working time as you see fit.
  • Around 3-4 kEUR/month pre-tax salary (this is Swedish junior/mid-level scale). If you invoice, a bit more to cover employer fees & costs.
  • Customary EU vacation (4w) & benefits.


Please send us an email at with your details and a CV! :slight_smile:


I’m sure many of us across the pond would love to work at your company, but I appreciate the value of working together in real time during normal business hours. Maybe you need to work on a version of Syncthing that works with physical objects too :wink:

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