Do you have an Android box online I could borrow?

Is there perhaps someone that has a Raspberry Pie or similar box running Android that I could log in and run some tests on? It seems it’s an important platform, and currently I’m kind of blind to how it works there because I don’t have any Android devices. I can go get a raspberry myself, but I’d prefer to just run some tests on an existing one to see if it’s even viable before spending the time…

Why don’t you use android x86 or some other emulator? I think it would be easier for you rather than some underpowered hardware device. I have an Android x86 tablet that I could put online if you insist but it would be the same as running android x86 on vbox.

Right! This looks rather promising, I’ll check it out.

Are you on windows? :slight_smile:

Haha, most certainly not. But the “Android 4.4 on $virtualization_platform” part was promising.


I used the x86 version for sometime and it works and that was couple years ago. The speed is much better than the emulators although I have not tried the Android Sdk emulators for a while.

You can also try the arm emulation that comes with the sdk.

The android emulator is unusable since a while. I think most people debug on devices or in virtualbox as we mentioned.

The android-x86 installed just fine, so this is solved for the moment, thanks. We’ll see what comes out of it.

Basically, to use it with an android device, there are three ways:

  1. Install the app, running on native android

  2. root, install the binary inside a linux chroot, almost native linux environment (me)

  3. root, install a complete native linux on an arm cpu.

  4. and 3) work pretty similar app-wise. There are a few flavors, but debian is pretty popular I think. For 2) it’s important to know about network access rights and set them up correctly. you need a special group AID_INET.

Let me know if this interests you.