Do Syncthing and BTSync/Resilio interfere with each other?

I have been using BTSync/Resilio to distribute free software to language development workers, using read-only keys. Some recipients are entities that should pay to use Resilio. Someone has suggested that I also enable Syncthing for these entities to use, so they can sync the same software installers to their computers.

So my question is: Can I share 18 separate folders of files with Syncthing as well as with BTSync/Resilio?

Most recipients would continue to use BTSync or Resilio to receive updates, because they are easier to set up. A few would change to using Syncthing to receive updates to avoid paying for Resilio.

In other words, would BTSync/Resilio and Syncthing tread on each other’s toes by modifying files in the folders being distributed?

Thanks for thinking about this, Jim

I don’t know Resilio, so they might do funky things I am not aware of. In general there would be one thing you should look out for: Temporary files. But as your node can be send-only, you should never have any temporary files. Nevertheless, if Resilio has the option to exclude certain files, you probably should just for good measure. And obviously the same goes vice-versa: If Resilio uses temporary files, exclude them on Syncthing.
Other than that, I can’t think of any potential major problems. After all Syncthing is just another program reading those files.

Thanks, Simon. In my experiment they both seem to work OK. Thanks for the tip about excluding the control files. I’ll do that.

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