Do not remove files but sync them if created new.


I need advice how to set up Storage node and Android sync folder and if some file/s will be removed from one of the devices(Storage and/or Android) this changes will NOT be pushed between each of them. I need to sync devices only if the file/s created.

Thank you! Sid

What about changed files?

If you only want to ignore deletes, there’s a setting for that. But the folders will be marked as out of sync, as the files don’t match up anymore.

@wweich, thank you, for answer! I’m using syncthing to collect all pictures form Android phone to Storage node, so there is no modified files expected. Files or created by camera shoot or removed by user(me). Seems IgnoreDelete working for me.

BR, Sid

I also want a behavior like OneDrive, which syncs my Phone Pictures to the cloud - but never deletes. I tried to rebuild this on my local server with syncthing, but every setting I tested, it still deleted the photos on the server when deleted on my mobile. Seems buggy, so for this case synchthing seems useless.

Then you didn’t activate ignore deletes on the server.

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k, I only marked the folder on the device side. thanks

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