Do I have to add all nodes to eachother?


I set up the server and a node. Do I have to add the server to the node as well( I added the node to the server)


It is no client <-> server principal.

All machines that running syncthing are a note.

You have to add on all notes all other notes to sync with them, see:

Maybe to ask: Why is the setup so complicated? Read:

If you have two nodes, you have a directory (a “repository”) on your server, and one on your client. You want the server to be able to share the files with the client, so you have to configure that. You also want it to happen the other way round, so you have to configure that too.

But as @jedie says, this isn’t actually a client/server setup: all nodes are both servers and clients-

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Thanks for detailed answers. I guess I misunderstood the original concept. It makes sense now.