dlink dns-323 Alt-f syncthing all devices show disconnected

Using a d-link NAS DNS-323 Has been updated to Alt-f software. Installed syncthing package from within Alt-f repository. Syncthing self updated to current. Shows as running and was able to add remote devices, and have a shared folder configured. But all remote devices show as disconnected, and share folder has not synced anything.

I know this NAS is grossly underpowered, but hoping it can eventually catch up on the sync.

(fyi: im also attempting similar with an old synology drive, but still hoping this one will work)

No connection often is due to firewalls, check https://docs.syncthing.net/users/firewall.html. If that looks good, please provide screenshots.

Every other syncthing setup on my network has worked.

1st group was 5 pc’s for mother-in-laws pictures

2nd group (current project) is currently 3 pc’s and 2 NAS boxes.

this d-link NAS box is the only one having connection trouble.

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