Discovery Server self signed cert

I’m running my own discovery server and using a self signed cert with it. However when my client tries to connect, it won’t accept the cert. I turned on tracing discovery and it logs this message:

announce POST: Post https://my.discovery.server:8443/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

How can I make it accept the cert?


When starting, the server outputs it’s device ID. Give that to the client as part of the relay URL - https://my.discovery.server:8443/?id=ABCD123-....

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That worked, thanks! Is this documented somewhere that I missed? Also, it seems sort of odd, I wonder if there’s some way to give the CA cert…

Indeed it is, in the doc article that you should have been following. :wink:

You can also give it a “real” CA-signed cert and not do the device ID business, yes.

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Ah, I knew I was missing something! Thanks!

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