Discovery server changes

I have a server migration going on which necessitated a move of discovery-1 from my own hardware to the cloud. The intention was for this not to be user visible. However in that maneuver I noticed that the server had a certificate that needed changing for technical reasons (RSA to ECDSA), which means it gets a new ID. Given that I’ve given it a new name as well so that it doesn’t get hammered by clients that can anyway not talk to it.

I’ve pushed a new commit to update the default discovery set in Syncthing, which will be in the 0.14.7 release. In the meantime all existing clients will run just fine with two out of three servers.

The change, for the interested, becomes:


  • (, Sweden)
  • (2001:470:28:4d6::5, Sweden)


  • (, NL)
  • (2a03:b0c0:0:1010::4ed:3001, NL)

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