Discovery problem between nodes. routing

I have a problem in my networks. I have a central server on at

And the other nodes are behind wds wifi routers with fixed ip’s within the same bridge The central server is no problem, as it almost instantly discovers each new device when it arrives and connects.

The problem is in the other devices. They are androids on a local network mikrotik, with a 5ghz wifi link inside the WDS bridge (example: car 3435 ip:

The trick of the system is, when the buses are not close to the central server, they can still establish a connection between themselves by wds (example: car 3435, 3437 and 3480 are at the bus stop, and they are linked by wifi 5ghz).

The connection is excellent between the androids, the ping is great. The problem is the discovery between the syncthings, it can take up to 30 minutes until they are actually seen.

I understand that it is a routing task, due to the layout of the network, relays are not an option.

I am currently stuck in the forms of listening and discovery. Only the central server is INTRODUCER.

some pictures below

I add that the ports 21027udp 22000udp/tcp are open by nat in each mikrotik towards each android c/syncthing in the internal subnet

they even have uPNP activated

Local discovery is broken on Android, and you’ve disabled the global one. You probably need to either re-enable it or use hard-coded IP addresses or hostnames to force the devices to connect.

The local discovery I assume does not refer to higher networks, the android (4.4, forget to specify it) is in a subnet and the discovery must be done in the higher network

Maybe you should listen to him and enable global discovery, and disable local discovery.

Should I tell each device "Allowed Networks "

If it’s Android 4.4, then local discovery should work fine. It’s only broken in the newer versions :sweat_smile:.

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I would first make sure you can route to the addresses via netcat or something like that. To me seems that you might not be able to generally route between the addresses.

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