Discovery Docker!

Is the Discovery Docker container getting updated to support the new version?

I might probably remove it, since I don’t use it myself (and this it runs the danger of not working properly). Unless someone else wants to maintain it.

It doesn’t really add much as it’s just a single binary to download and run anyway and you need to give at least as many weird parameters to Docker to get it to run as you would to discosrv.

If the official one gets discontinued, I’m maintaining a version here that is updated to 0.12.1


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Just make a PR. You could also bundle it with nginx to do the SSL handoff @calmh is working on.

Yeah, that might even be a valid reason to have a Docker image for it in the first place. The high performance option is nginx + discosrv -http (not merged yet) + postgresql.

Although docker doesn’t recommend running multiple processes in a single container, I always do that and assume its just a warning for noobs ;D

Might be worth using docker-compose for that.

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