discos vs relays

Are disco servers to be abandoned ? I can’t know their special purpose relays don’t do.

Did you even read what they do before making the claim? Doesn’t look like it.

Forgive me for my ignorance, it doesn’t look like we have a good description on what it does at all, so there is nothing you could have read.

Regardless, discover is for discovering peers. Relays are for relaying traffic, so they serve completely different purposes.


Thank you Audrius.

This is not that simple. Actually I read a lot of things about ST far before I asked this question. After a while, I believed I knew the difference between discos and relays. This is a proof there is good stuff to read somewhere. Only some weeks later, once I had set my own disco and relay, the question went back to my mind. I don’t know why, but I got the feeling relays participate to discovery in some manner, so my question: that feeling went to my mind when a friend of mine, the first one with who I began to use ST, sent me an email asking me a short while after I switched my servers to public, why he got a warning from Avast Mail Agent about a ~wrong~ (self signed - I know why - in my memory) certificate problem … After I had some reflections about his question and checked it again, I realized Avast was puzzled with my ~ST~ ip:port … which actually was not my ST instance, but instead my relay for which I choose the port 993 (bad idea as I posted elsewhere here). As my friend did neither add my relay in his configuration, neither my disco (but instead he used my own real ST instance ip:port I gave him in his config for me in the Address field instead of dynamic…surely I gave him too much info which puzzled him: I guess why: he thought mixing pub/priv syntax relay://…endpoin,dynamic+https://ip:port for relays as well as https://ip:port/?id=BLAH-BLA…, default for discos would make my private stuff the defaults, what he didn’t want), I inferred his ST found my relay from the public relays pool*… so my question.

Maybe I should have re-read all to make sure. I know where the difference is well explained : in the source code isn’t it ? But I’m not skilled enough at all in Go to do that. Whatever, you replied: there is no idea at all in the oven to drop disco servers.

Thanks again.

*[EDIT]: I also had the feeling his ST was plugged into my relay because of the near geographical location we share with my friend.

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