Disconnecting from a folder

hello everyone. i’m learning syncthing (after moving away from btsync) and wanted to check one thing not clear for me. the case is, I have a folder shared between 3 peers and I simply need to disconnect one peer, while the other two keep syncing.

  • what’s the right way to do it?

  • what happens if I press edit > remove button in a folder view? would it get removed from all peers or just that one?

thanks. wanted to ask before experimenting.

Syncthing will never cause deletion a a folder or device on other peers.

Removing the folder from Syncthing is the right way. But you also need to remove/disable the sharing of that folder with that peer on the other peers, or else you will get prompted (on the “removed” share) that the other peers want to share that folder.

Just one. There is no authority, so if a large group decides to kick someone out, all members of the group need to do it.

Thank you!

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