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Hello, all. First time post. LOVE this awesome little bit of coding brilliance. Anyway, I have SyncThing successfully deployed, replicating folders among 4 other different, unrelated PCs back to my server. But I’m stumped on this new one.

The only major difference here is that at the site in question, there are “nested routers,” in other words the ISP’s router (Arris, with a firewall port-forward on the SyncThing configured port to the internal router’s WAN port) connects to the router that feeds the corporate LAN (SonicWall, cross-checked against other working setups), and as such the PC with the folder I need to sync. I’ve triple-checked settings, the “Connections” tab, etc., but the status still shows as “Disconnected.” Are nested routers problematic, or should I look elsewhere?

Thanks for any ideas!

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Is the device able to connect to relays? Are you sure no proxy is required to connect to things on that device?

I assume you already did check it, but you don’t mention it explicitly: The PC itself might also have a firewall blocking Syncthing.

And the port forwards are all on the listening port of the instance? I.e. not something like 22001 (ISP) > 20001 (router) > 20000 (PC) (e.g. because you already have another Syncthing instance with a portforward at 20000). If I remember correctly that can confuse the discovery mechanism.

And then please post screenshots of the device in question and a device that should connect to it with the other devices expanded (interesting bits being the discovery status on the top right and the discovered addresses (or lack thereof) for the other device).

Not sure what you mean by relays but there are no proxies. It’s directly wired to the router, which in turn up-links to the cable modem.

Yes, firewall was the first thing I thought of, after making sure the port setting on Connections tab was correct. Windows Firewall is off, Symantec is off as well, and I can ping this PC from another PC next to it.

Syncthing uses relays if it can’t connect directly. I suggest you post a screenshot of the device in question.

Will do that tomorrow. What would you like to see?

Mostly the section about how many listeners are connected, how many discovery servers etc.

And also the remote devices to see if/what addresses are discovered:

So I did get this going. Posting here in case it helps anyone. The issue was the firewall rule I had setup in the SonicWall. Depending on the SonicWall firmware level, in Firewall, Access Rules (or in newer firmware: Manage, Rules, Access Rules), the rule definitions have a variety of fields to set. There are two that relate specifically to the incoming traffic/ports: “Source Port” and “Service.” Service is the named service object you created prior for SyncThing’s TCP port number. I had (incorrectly) set “Source Port” to the SyncThing service, thinking this would allow only traffic on the SyncThing port, and allow it. Apparently it does not. The setting “Any” is apparently the correct choice, and the moment I set this value & applied it, the machines linked up. “Service” should be set to the service object name you created (mentioned before) that has the port setting. So I have a little homework to do to better understand what “Source Port” does in SonicWall firewalls. But anyway it’s working now. Thanks everyone for reading/contributing.

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