Disconnected device troubleshooting

Hello, first thank you devs for Syncthing, really amazing.

I am trying to set up three devices. A and B are on the same LAN (work) and port forward is set port 22000 to A. C is my third device (home). A and B show connected to each other and A and C show connected to each other. B and C continue to show disconnected. Is this expected since port forward is to A or is there something else I need to do so B and C can connect. I had some trouble with UPnP so hope to configure manually since only 3 devices. Thank you.

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For 2 devices to connect, at least on has to be reachable on the specified port.

You either have to forward the port on your home router for C or change the port of B to e.g. 22001 and forward that port on your work router.


Great thank you wweich! Turns out I had a typo in port forward rules at home. Fixed and now everyone is happy. Didn’t think to check the port forward rules since A and C were happy but after your reply and re-reading the firewall config page things are a little clearer. Is there a visual/diagram somewhere that shows the connection processes? I think that would help me better understand what is going on.

Again, thanks everyone this is such a wonderful tool. Have been using Unison to sync my two laptops at home but this took things to another level. Just amazing.

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The diagram is as follows: Everyone connects to everyone every minute. Whatever manages to connect, that is whats used.

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