Disco fails to parse key

got “Failed to load X509 key pair: crypto/tls: failed to parse private key” when running disco12 the first time with -cert cert.pem -key key.pem

someone any ideas?

Your certificate is bad or missing?

missing: no

bad: hopefully not… may I check it somehow?

I did the following to generate them:

openssl genrsa -aes256 -out /usr/local/bin/key.pem 4048

openssl req -x509 -new -nodes -extensions v3_ca -key /usr/local/bin/key.pem -days 1095 -out /usr/local/bin/cert.pem -sha512

are there some special requirements?

Yes. That creates password protected key and, I think, a certificate request. You want a non-password-protected key and a self signed certificate. There are a few more steps to that, the openssl guides for self signed certs should cover it.

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worked perfectly :blush: thanks :+1:

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