Disappearing .stdfolder in Android

Some Android distros, e.g. those on Huawei phones, aggressively clean up empty folders.

This means that the .stfolder is short lived, and it doesn’t take long before Syncthing can no longer sync on the phone due to Error (folder marker missing).

I can recreate the folder, using any number of cumbersome solutions, but before long, it is deleted again, and I have to go through the whole dance again to recreate the folder.

Would it be possible to add something to Syncthing to get around this problem?

I agree. A file with the folder ID in it might have some utility beyond solving this issue, for example.

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You yourself can create an empty file inside of it to prevent it from being removed.

I agree it’s painful, but I don’t think it’s us causing the pain, it’s your phone vendor, and I’m somewhat against of us adding bandaids because some vendor is doing silly things.

At some point though we can accept the reality and implement a bandaid to make everyone’s life easier. The situation would be different if the bandaid actually hurts other people but I don’t see that being the case here. You could argue the entirety of Syncthing is a bandaid to work around the lack of reasonable sync implementations in the OS itself.


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