Disabled relaying as default?

I wonder if we could disable relaying by default - relaying was introduced for all devices with connection problems. so there is no need to slow down transfer rate and consume traffic on the relay servers with the traffic of the devices that have no connection problems…

Instead syncthing could ask the user: “ST could not establish any connection. Would u like to enable relaying?”

This is not true. Relaying will not be used unless it is required: if Syncthing can establish a direct connection, it will use this instead of a relay.

Relays are for the people who either physically can’t connect directly, or don’t know enough about networking to set up a direct connection (firewalls, port forwarding, etc). This latter group of people also won’t know what a “relay” is, so won’t know what to do with a dialog saying “Would you like to enable relaying?”.


Note that it’s at least easy to disable now, starting with the next release. Not that you need to for performance reasons, as canton7 explained.


With the current relay stats, we have about 1000 people using the relays at any one point in time. Assuming people are online about half the time, and about half of people using relays do so because they don’t know enough to set up a direct connection, we’d piss off about 1000 people if we disabled relays by default :smile: