Disable password on Android TV


I use Syncthing on android TV and it is not possible to use the remote control: therefore I cannot change the password of the management interface. I have exported the “config. xml” to remove the user and password but when I import the file into Android TV the login details are recreated…

I searched on google and the forum but I didn’t find any solution. Thank you for your help! (Sorry for my English)

Why aren’t you just using the app’s interface?

The Android TV app’s interface? Precisely because the remote control isn’t working with it and I can’t access to the GUI parameters.

(On NVDIA Shield)

You should be able to navigate to the button on the top left with arrow keys to open the drawer. Is that not working? I’d rather fix this than making the app less secure by removing the password.

Btw you can access the web GUI in a browser if you enter the user/password, which is “syncthing”/your api key.

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Thank you for your help! I was able to connect with “syncthing/api key” (I didn’t know it was possible). And the arrow keys do not work: only the page moves (up/down), but no button is selectable…