Disable checking for updates

I would like to have an option/checkbox to disable auto update checks. We have some file servers behind a firewall which will never connect to the internet, so the check for updates always will fail. I now removed the URL from the Advanced Configuration, but that leaves a {Couldn’t fetch release information: Get : unsupported protocol scheme “”} in the logfile.

Setting the STNOUPGRADE environment variable should do this. It’s possible that it doesn’t, fully, today but that could be fixed. (I’m not sure if it disables the latest version check the GUI does or just the automatic upgrade.)

Also builds made for package managers, like the Debian packages, don’t have the upgrade check code in them.

Also, I thought there was a drop down in the UI for this, so not sure why you need to fiddle with urls.

I’m pretty sure that disabling auto upgrades in the GUI doesn’t prevent the GUI from checking if there’s a new version when it loads.

STNOUPGRADE looks like it does the job. {No automatic upgrades; STNOUPGRADE environment variable defined.} in the log.

Would be nice to do this inside the interface. Like not trying when the URL is blank?

I think the in-GUI disabling of automatic upgrades is appropriate as is. It doesn’t disable all requests, but providing the new version notification to users with no other upgrade path adds some value.