Directory watcher on FreeBSD Issue

I am not sure exactly what the issue may be since I am by no means knowledgeable about coding, but I think I am seeing a weird issue with my FreeNAS jail.

Maybe mid last week there was an update that allowed for watching a directory for changes instead of periodically scanning, I saw this update across multiple devices, FreeBSD and Windows. Anyways, it looks like enabling this totally borks my FreeNAS box.

SSH is painfully slow, on the order of 10+ seconds just to get a user request screen, ls -la of a directory is laughably slow, ect ect. As soon as I went into my FreeNAS jail and stopped the syncthing service, everything resumed normal operation. I currently have the folder watch feature off and everything seems fine.

I did ask over on the freenas forum, and I was told: “Well, the proper way of implementing this is with kqueue, but there are a number of alternatives with various degrees of brokenness”.

If anyone can help me at all with this, that would be great. Not sure if its an error on my part, something that needs to be looked into on the FreeNAS/freeBSD side, or if possibly a bug report should be filed here?


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Kqueue is what is used. Beyond that I can’t say much about how to debug it.

You can potentially enable debugging for fs watcher and see if it reports a lot of events because you are syncing some sketchy directory…

Yeah, and I guess see if Syncthing is using a lot of cpu/memory? Maybe it’s just legitimately scanning stuff that changes frequently?

I have it syncing my raw camera pictures folder (about 1 TB) and my lightroom folder with sll my previews and catalog data. There are many files and sub-dirs, but the data doesnt change all that often. I will try and enable logging and see what it shows.

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