directory not empty


I set up 2 folders in 2 machines (not local).

machine1(seedbox)->folder1->send only

machine2(synology)->folder2->receive only

both folders don’t have any ignore pattern.

When something is deleted in seedbox, all the files are deleted in Synology, except the folders! And i see the following error on synology:

syncthing: delete dir: remove <folder name>: directory not empty

What could be the problem here?


From my knowledge, Synology automatically adds hidden files/folders to its folders, hence Syncthing treats them as non-empty. I have seen at least a few topics on the forum related to this. You may need to use a terminal to actually be able to see (and possibly delete) the hidden files though.

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thanks for the hint. I looked at synology folder from terminal. I found a folder called ‘@eaDir’. When I deleted that Syncthing is up to date now. I now need to find a way to disable the creation of that folder by synology. thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:.

You may also want to try adding (?d)@eaDir to your ignore patterns. This should allow Syncthing to delete the folder if nothing but @eaDir is left in it.

great. do I need to add this also to the seedbox folder? or only Synology folder’s settings is enough?

I’d say adding to Synology should be enough, as that’s where those folders originate.

thanks. I will test it.

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