Direct client-to-server connection?

Hi there!

I’m enjoying playing with Syncthing but I’d like to use it in an enterprise environment.

What I’d REALLY like to be able to do is to point syncthing at a specific domain where the server is sitting and skip the third-party middleman.

Is there an easy way to do this in synctrayzor?

I.E.: Client ----> ourdomain:port ----> Directly to our syncthing server.

Basically we’re wanting to set up individual folders for sync,archiving individual users’ machines privately and separately. But I’d like to cut the third party server and just have it stream directly to our datacenter.


(Most of the machines are Windows, but we may get some mobile/mac/linux devices on occasion)

What do you consider “middleman”? Discovery or relay servers, or both?

By default, syncthing attempts to avoid relay servers and connects directly if that is possible. The discovery server is used to find the correct ip address (and port) for the other side.

In any case, it’s totally possible to disable both relays and discovery.

To do that, you need to setup a static address for the server on the client side. You can do that by opening the GUI on client side. There you can click on the server and press Edit, then go to Advanced -> Addresses and enter some static IP address and port (note the “tcp://” formatting used by syncthing). I think you can also enter domain names, but I haven’t verified that.

Once you’ve configured a static address on the client, it will always connect using the given parameters without having to use discovery. That means you can turn off both discovery and relay servers on the client.

You can also turn discovery & relay off on the server, but that means connection can only be established in one direction (client -> server). This has no impact on synchronization though.

For automated/easier deployment, I guess that you can put the required configuration changes into syncthing’s config file which you can deploy during installation on clients.

PS: I should also note that it’s possible to self-host discovery and relay servers, so you can run the entire sycnthing infrastructure yourself.


Thank you! That’s exactly what I wanted. = )

We’re attempting to basically aggregate all remote employee documents and data on our server both for syncing and pseudo-backup purposes.

(Mostly so their mobile laptops and data is synced with their in-house desktops, but it’d also be nice if they drop their laptops off a cliff if we can have another one ready for them by the time they come in to pick it up. XD

We only really need the client -> server connection for that. One from their mobile units and one from their in-house desktops.

Followup question: If we get multiple Syncthing servers involved, I’m assuming it’s trivial to set custom ports for separate servers (say, one for the marketing teams, one for the sales teams, etc to keep things organized)

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OH! Apologies! I do have a followup question. I’m not finding the setting you mentioned.

I’m using only Synctrayzor on the client. Do I need to install the full Syncthing on the client machines to accomplish the direct ip address connection?

EDIT: Nevermind. Found it. It’s under “remote device.” Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

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