Different Port used by a device

Hi there, I set up Synthing on an Android tablet, in my computer Syncthing shows that all remote devices using same port 22000. But in the Android app (Devices tab) I noticed that my computer using Port 49469.

  1. Why it’s different and not using same port 22000?

unfortunately my co-workers prefers Google Drive for file sharing :slightly_frowning_face: so I decided to limit Syncthing to my local network and block internet access to my Syncthing setup.

  1. I tried to change the Connections setting, can you verify that is ccorrect or not?

Sync Protocol Listen Addresses: leave default

[ ] Enable NAT traversal

[ ] Global Discovery

[x] Local Discovery

[ ] Enable Relaying

In this condition still I see 2-Listeners and 2-Discovery, that’s ok?

Regards, Stay safe

It depends on the network. If the network does not allow announcements local discovery will not work, so verify it works after fiddling with the settings.

Regarding ports, outgoing ports are assigned randomly by the os, so this is expected.

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