Different NAS, differents user/group setups, same shared folder

Hello, I’m an enthousiast new user of syncthing, We’re a bunch of friends sharing a folder full of music files (550+ Gb) We were sharing it with great success with bittorrent sync. We decided to give a try to syncthing.

I have some simple questions :

  1. Does changing some permission on files trigger a rescan ?
  2. And then a resync with the other devices ?
  3. Does checking the “ignore permissions” setting avoid 1) and/or 2) ?

As I do want every device to have his own permissions policy. I tried to figure this out with the documentation and searching the forum, but found nothing to be 100% sure.

Thank you for your kind help,

Yes. Only of the permission bits. Yes. Both.

Run Syncthing as the appropriate user on each device. Ignore permissions if you like, in that case it’ll just follow the umask.

If the permissions of a file/folder change, the next scan will “mark” the file as changed and will sync it. As the content of the file hasn’t changed, no “real” data will be transfered and only the meta data (permissions) will be changed on the other devices.

Setting “ignore permissions” will prevent those changes. So if you want to never sync permissions, set this option.

Syncthing will not sync users / groups. New files will always be created with the user and group which Syncthing is running.

/too slow :wink:

Wow, fast and great answers, thank you very much.

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