Different filters for different devices and one folder?

Example: Device 1 is connected to a TV. It is used to download files from the internet, text documents included.

Device 2 is a mobile used to read texts. It is used to download files from the internet, videos included.

A folder called “TODO”. Target: to have all the texts on the mobile and to have all the videos on the TV. But without overbloating the mobile with the big videos downloaded from the TV-device.

Is it possible to share this folder where the mobile uploads only videos and downloads only texts, while the device connected to the TV uploads only texts and downloads just videos?

Maybe by mixing Ignore Patterns and Folder Types (‘Send & Receive’ or ‘Send only’) in each repo.

If you know file extensions, you use ignores to ignore (or include) files by extension.

But could you use ignore to affect just to one device?

Example: you ignore .mp4,so the TV device won’t send videos to the mobile, as wanted, but would mobile send videos to the TV device?

You can ignore on the receiver and have multiple folders. So one folder you ignore videos going one way, other ignore videos going the other way.

Do you mean real folders? I have now one folder for videos and a different one for texts. But I was thinking about just one folder for both types of files :m

I mean you can simply split content by syncthing folder and share certain folders with certain devices, phone videos with tv, pc videos with tv etc, you can also use ignores if you want to do subfolders within a single syncthing etc. You can’t just dump all videos from all devices in a single folder and then say you only sync from this device and you only sync from that device.

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