Dialogs close behaviour


Is it worth the effort I fill an issue for this GUI unmanaged behaviour:

Some dialogs don’t close on the same action. Namely all dialogs close always OK on click-outside, but <pity>never close</pity> on Esc key once another tab is selected, unless we click anywhere in it before. It is like the dialog looses focus on opening new tab. Although this focus loose seems to affect the Esc key only because then hitting Tab rises the focus to the next object (input field, link image…) in the dialog and then Esc works again. Guessed? I’m a keyboard fan, not a friend of rodents, so I’d like we get an homogeneous way everywhere with… Esc.

I seems dialogs are created with a default closeOnEsc attribute, but the tabs are not.


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You could file an issue, though I don’t think it will change anything. What is needed is someone to look into the code and find out what’s wrong, considering our old version of Angular in use.