Devices stuck in "Syncing 100%"

Hi guys,

I have a three machine setup, all Macs. Two machines (using 10.11.6) show that everything is fine in the GUI folders synced and devices up to date. One machine using 10.11.5, shows that everything is ok on the folders view (green “up to date”) but in the remote devices view, the two other machines are stuck at “Syncing 100%”.

Running in verbose mode on the machine showing the issue, it seems that the problem comes from the “Documents” share:

[N3EDA] 16:51:44 VERBOSE: Summary for folder "Documents" is map[localDeleted:7 localFiles:660 globalDeleted:8 needFiles:0 needBytes:0 state:idle globalFiles:660 globalBytes:590053622 localBytes:590053494 inSyncBytes:590053622 version:17105 inSyncFiles:660]
[N3EDA] 16:51:44 VERBOSE: Completion for folder "Documents" on device ID-1 is 99.98888643378245%
[N3EDA] 16:51:44 VERBOSE: Completion for folder "Documents" on device ID-2 is 99.98888643378245%

I have checked that no machine is set as master. I could not find any sync conflict files.

Version Information

Syncthing Version: v0.14.0 OS Version: OS X 10.11.6 (2 machines) and OS X 10.11.5 (1 machine) Browser Version: Safari (9.1.2 on 10.11.6 and 9.1.1 on 10.11.5)

The machine having the issue is the one on OS X 10.11.5

Check the other side for errors. If you have ignored files set up, it’s expected to see out if sync.

Yes, probably ignores. I would like a pop up on remote devices like the out of sync files we have for the local device… Click on it to see what files the other side is missing. If the list is then a bunch of .DS_Store files it’s easy to realize “ah yes, I ignored those but this device doesn’t know that”.

Yep: it was an ignore file that I had setup and forgot about on two original machines and had not yet setup on the third one. Specifically, I am using the files from here: Useful .stignore Patterns I’ve set it up on the third machine and all is great now. Thanks for your help guys!

Before asking for help, I had looked at the GUI on all three machines and the log files, and launched syncthing in verbose mode. When looking for ignores, my first reflex was to search for them in the GUI even in the advanced settings. I went to the command line only at the end. If you feel this issue with ignores comes up often, maybe having a way to see in the GUI if one is set could be helpful. It would have been for me.


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Syncthing already displays in the folder details when ignores are set

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Ah! Thanks for the heads up

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