Devices out of sync but not relly

I have 2 devices syncing a folder “Maildir” between each other. Both on Arch Linux 64bit, syncthing 1.5.0

On both devices the folder is shown as up-to-date.

But in the devices list, both show 1: Out of Sync Items | 50 items, ~31.4 MiB 2: Out of Sync Items | 53 items, ~31.4 MiB

If I check what they are, seems they are waiting for each other:


Path Size Mod. Time Mod. Device
.Archive/tmp 2020-05-15 10:12:30 dev2


.Archive/tmp 2020-04-04 14:41:21 dev1

If I delete the folder .Archive/tmp, it does not help - it is correctly synchronized between the devices, but they stay out of sync.

Expected behavior:

The devices are not shown as out of sync.

Did you try searching existing threads for a solution?

Yes even some reddit discussions from Google search.

Presumably you tried delta resets and metadata recalculations?

syncthing -reset-deltas reduced the problem to 6 (9 on the other) items, but not fixed. How to do metadata recalculations?

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Yes, it indeed helped!

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