Hi all,

in the Logfile for recent changes I found the following line:

Recent Changes

Device 	Action 	Type 	Folder 	Path 	Time

RRHSAVH 	modified 	file 	sync 	path/to/file.txt 	2021-11-18 07:47:04

What does RRHSAVH mean? Could someone explain? I didn’t found anything in the docs/duck related to syncthing…


These are the first few letters of a device ID.

Just open up the Syncthing web UI, click the gear icon and select “Show ID”.

This will display the device ID of the instance and a QR code form of it beneath.

Hi bt90,

will check this out today on my other syncthing device. I would have expected this to be mapped to the real device name, but anyway.

Thx again

Normally it should be, but there are exceptions, e.g. if the device in question has been removed or isn’t directly connected in the first place.