Device rate limits -> wrong measurement?

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I don’t know where to post.

The syncthing’s Device Rate limits are wrong. In the menu it says KiB/s but it’s actually 10 times more. So I limited my sending/incoming rate to 5120 KiB/s. (In the Main Menu it says 5MiB/s, that would be correct 50Megabit/s or ~6MB / s.) But 5120KiB/s in google says 5Mbit/s on one page and 50Mbit/s on another page.

So this is VERY confusing. please use the same measurement everywhere in the GUI or use Megabit/s oder Megabyte/s. So every programmer and user can relate, noone I know uses MiB/s or KiB/s.

Or at least make it changeable in the options so everyone can use what they are familiar with. thanks

btw. Very Nice tool.

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I think I’m confused about what you think is wrong or confusing.

I’m aware of how to use Google. The second link on that result page ( might clear things up?

First of all, you can click on the units shown in “This Device” to toggle between Bytes per second and Bits per second. (This applies only to that display though, the settings dialog seems fixed to Bytes).

Second, syncthing uses standard ISO/IEC 80000 units. Nothing special about that. Those are units used worldwide. Data rate is sometimes calculated in Bits instead of Bytes, but that is pretty varying from case to case.

5 MiB/s means “5 mebibytes per second” (which is 2^20 * 5 bytes/s). 5 Mb/s on the other hand means “5 megabits per second” (which is 10^6 * 5 bits/s). The capitalization is important here (because 5 MB/s would be “5 megabytes per second”). As this is commonly mixed up by users, syncthing explicitly writes “bps” (for bits per second) when talking about Bits instead of Bytes.