Device never connected - android and macOS

Hi all,

I’m setting up Syncthing for the first time and after reading multiple support posts, has not succeeded at all in connecting my Android to my MacOS device. I have disabled battery saver, enabled NAT sharing and all that. When looking at the log, it seems like the Android device could not find any NAT. I don’t understand anything deeper to know what exactly the problem is, but attached here the screenshots and the log files of both devices.

Would really appreciate any help!

android.log (2.0 KB) mac.log (2.8 KB)

Can you include “This Device” in full in the screenshot from Android?

Thanks for replying. Here it is.

It seems that your device IDs don’t match at all. The Mac is FQSBR3, but on Android you’ve got a remote device with an ID of THISIS, and the same situation is on the Mac. I’d suggest to remove the remote devices completely and try to add them again, making sure to use the correct IDs.

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I see, I got confused and created an ID, thinking that the other device can then connect to that ID, while I should have looked for the ID on the other device to fill in instead. It works now - thank you so much!

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