Device name changes to "AJIAGCZ" and back again

I’ve never experienced this before. I’m on a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04 and I’m using syncthing for transferring data.

Under “Recent Changes” some items so up as expected i.e

Let’s say that my other computer is named “John’s PC”

“John’s PC” | Action | Type | Folder | Path | Time

However some items the device name is “AJIAGCZ”. Also when it uses the “AJIAGCZ” name the files seem to be either “added” or “modified”. It isn’t possible for the files to be modified as this is a fresh install so the files its modifying simply don’t exist to be modified.

I’ve restart syncthing on both machines and not had any changes. Any help would be appreciated.


They get modified from the perspective of global state, the files already exist elsewhere, so they are modified from the global perspective.

Ok thank you.

Could you explain the difference in the device name?

Not really. Does that id belong to any device that you have locally?

No, the random ID doesn’t appear anywhere else other than in the recent changes section. Altought I did find there was a sync conflict file from the computer from which the files were on originally which had this ID. But I have no idea where the ID came from as in that machines settings that ID isn’t listed.

On booting today this hasn’t happened again.

The ID might be a device that you are not directly connected to.

A sends data to B who sends data to you, and A is the device id you are seeing.

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