Device name change and now it will not listen on localhost

Hello, all. I have renamed my Windows 10 device, restarted, and every since then I have not been able to get Syncthing to work again. I have even went into config.xml to change the device name and nothings changed. Is there anything else I would need to change or do? (The device ID are random characters)

device id=“FJDJDJCJ-DJDJXHDHD-DJDJCHXC-FJFJFJFJDJD-DJDJDJX-DJDJDJHCHC-FJDNNDHC-DJSNXHHDN” name=“DESKTOP-HULK” compression=“metadata” introducer=“false” skipIntroductionRemovals=“false” introducedBy=“”> dynamic false false 0 0 0 false 0 0

Syncthing doesn’t really care about your device name one way or the other, so I suggest troubleshooting it more generally without the assumption that that’s related. Check that it’s running at all, etc.

@calmh Syncthing is indeed running and all.

Please, what else can I do to troubleshoot?

You haven’t defined what “doesn’t work” mean.

It’s not a full log but it looks all ok. Did you check the UI that you have devices and folders added?

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Yes, I have checked the UI on localhost and it would not connect. I have removed all of the cache files and now it’s working again.

For future reference, please provide more information. “It does not connect” doesn’t explain what “it” is. There are tens of different types of connections in syncthing, there is limited amount of logs and screenshots, and we have to waste time following up.

Take a step back and think if the question has enough information for someone who has never seen the problem before to understand what the problem is.

Help us help you.

The GUI appears to have been disabled in the configuration, because there is no mention of it starting in the log. Since you’ve been editing the config, ensure you have

<gui enabled="true" ...

in there.

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