Device modified file from a receive only folder (after library reset)


-Version v1.1.4 on mac+win
-Device A Win - folder is send only
-Device B Mac - folder is receive only

I nuked the syncthing library on device B and all the scanning of the folders started.

Checking the Recent Changes on device A I’m getting log messages for each file scanned on device B

Why is that?

(Because of the Send and Receive Only setting, I “guessed”, that Device A should not care about any modified file on Device B)

Looking at the code it seems that modified is the last device that modified the index record.

The fact that you need to merge index records between two devices still classifies as a modify, even if not in a sense of data changing.

I guess this is somewhat unexpected for the users.

@imsodin is there a reason we do that?

I don’t think there’s a good one, just simplicity. This isn’t limited to send-only folders, it’s just probably most confusing there. In case of the send-only folder fixing it should be trivial, for t send-receive folders we somehow need to “mark” index/version vector only updates and collect them separately.

ModifiedBy is set by the thing doing the modification, in many cases this is set when ignoring file etc, which I think we should not be doing.

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