Device key for groups of (ephemeral) machines

Hello, Thanks for the amazing work. One feature that I miss is the option to “add a device” in my computer that can be used by multiple devices (wait to read the reasoning, I know one key one device).

I have a few “ephemeral” environments which is complicated to sync files across and syncthing helps a lot. I would like to, on my workstation where my data is, create a “device” and share folders with this device.

When an ephemeral machine comes up, installs syncthing and add this “special device” with “auto-accept folders”. So it starts receiving data without my interaction.

I see like something like using the “special device key” to auto-accept devices connecting using it. Would be nice if an auto-removal of devices older than X from this “group”. As they are ephemeral, they can/will disappear soon or later (where the mess of pre-generating keys in my workstation, pre-accepting them, sending the key to one of the ephemeral environments … is way too much of a bother, I know because I’ve done it).

Imagine like, setting up syncthing from a provisioner script (like

I know that, for example, skaffold does offer a “file sync” service (among many other stuff) but it depends on a pre-existing tunnel to do it. Using syncthing to seamlessly spawn an environment, wait a few seconds and data starts to show up would be nice.

Seems like you reinvented ansible/puppet/chef/plain old rsync using syncthing. You should use tools that are made for this purpose, which looks like some machine bootstrapping.

Syncthing is not made for what you are using it for, and I don’t think we’ll be add features that deviate from it’s primary purpose.