device is not ready error

I’ve been having many “the device is not ready” errors on both my laptops. A simple restart of syncthing fixes the issue, but I was wondering why is there no retry on this error, and if there is any delay that can maybe prevent this from happening.

There isn’t much context here, where the error happens, when, etc.

Syncthing periodically retries errors.

Sorry, I really should have put a lot more detail.

This only happens in my 2 laptops, windows 11 systems. All other are linux-based and work flawlessly. I have the latest stable version on one laptop and the latest test version on the other (1.27.6 and 1.27.7-rc1)

It also only happens at boot time, the first time the laptop is turned on.

The log says (for example):

2024-04-26 08:37:55 Scanner (folder losch-notepad, item “readme.txt”): scan: CreateFile \?\D:\notepad\readme.txt: The device is not ready.

Forcing a rescan of the folder does not fix this, but pausing/resuming works.

Restarting syncthing also works, but one thing I found strange is that the uptime counter says 1d 13h 15m even if I just booted up (I usually make a complete shutdown every day).

From the log, the error happened at 08:37:55. It’s now 08:55:00 and it’s still there, so the automatic retry, for this case, doesn’t appear to work.

Not sure. Rescan should fix it, but there is enough weirdness in your setup that I don’t know what to advise.

Not sure why uptime is wrong, why is the device unavailable, etc.

That uptime thing got me thinking… also because windows task manager also shows the same thing, as if all windows never really shut down.

And apparently that was the problem, “shutdown” is really more of a “hibernate”, when you have fast startup enabled (which is by default). I found out how to disable that and now uptime is correct and the problem disappeared in syncthing. Not sure what the effect of a real “hibernate” in syncthing, but at least, fast startup seems to give problems.

In any case, since what I want is a clean boot every day, fast startup needs to be disabled, so my problem is solved.

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