Device ID resetting on Windows 10 reboot

Firstly apologies if this is an FAQ or has otherwise been answered in doco or another support thread. I did have a look but couldn’t find an obvious discussion on the subject.

As per the subject, the problem is simple enough: Syncthing is installed on a Windows 10 device and as the device id is reset every time Windows is rebooted, requiring the config to be set up every time. This seems like an obvious config item not set correctly or something that should have a well-documented solution but I haven’t been able to find either.

Thanks in advance.

How did you install it exactly? It sounds to me like the configuration folder is in a location that gets wiped on every reboot.


Another user posted about a similar situation: Syncthing does not find Connection to Clients on Server with 2 NICs in same LAN

Hesitate to infer that Syncthing caused the data folder to be removed in either case. Anything that clears app data could be responsible. More likely in both cases Syncthing is starting as another user (especially easy to do if starting with task scheduler) or pulling configuration data from a different location after restarting.

@daviscom If you are interested in starting from scratch and solving the issue you could download the regular binary again and use the instructions for “starting on login” here:

This would likely solve the issue for you.

Thanks @capi and @schnappi. You’re replies and links guided me in the right direction.

In this instance, Syncthing was been installed and configured under an Administrator account and subsequently run under a different user account from a Scheduled Task. As Syncthing keeps config.xml under %LocalAppData% it was simply referencing different config files.

Resolved by configuring to run correctly under the Administrator account from the Scheduled Task.


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