Device ID keeps changing to different device in network

I currently have Syncthing set up on 2 Arch Linux devices (desktop and laptop). I’ve had it set up and running for a while now, but recently I’ve been experiencing issues where the laptop device keeps switching to identify as the desktop. My desktop is still identified as desktop, as it should be. I’ve uninstalled from my laptop and and removed the config file before reinstalling and setting up to share once again. It works fine and identifies correctly for a while, but then switches again to identify as desktop. How can I prevent this from happening?

What do you mean exactly by “identify”? Do you mean that two different devices have the same ID? Can you post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on both sides?

The only way I can think of that could cause two different devices to use the same ID would either be a) copying and reusing the same Syncthing certificate or b) cloning the entire operating system, including Syncthing with it.

Hey @tomasz86. I do mean the same ID. I think I may have found the cause though. Not sure how I managed to do it, but it looks like I saved a copy of my desktop syncthing config file on both computers. As part of my update process on Arch when “skel” is involved, I use my config backup to update my changes. This was overwriting my laptop syncthing configuration with the desktop. I’ve fixed this from happening again and will test to confirm it is fixed

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