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I have connected with multiple devices. Intially it is showing me all devices connected.But now from few days it is showing all devices disconnected. As I restart synctrazor then it start synching and then again it starts disconnected slowly and only one or two devices are remains synching.Please help me with that…

You need to bring in way more details on versions and platforms you are using. We can not guess. There is currently a thread in here about 0.14.40 connection issues , and I have personally used RC release candidates of still-in-development version 0.14.41, currently at RC5 version or so, it is linked right here on the address when you browse the main overview.

Currently it links to github RC5 version at:

You might try that one on one of your nodes and see if it helps that node and its neigbor nodes. Depending on how complex your infrastructure is, syncthing link wise, you might need to add more RC5 versions or newer or later ones, or revert back to even 0.14.39 to get better results for the moment.

Hopefully release of 0.14.41 will sort this out or at least improve.

if I install RC5 version, will I again have to add folders which I was already added or it automatically get it.

Releasecandidates are just like any other releases. They use your current configuration if everything works normally and make use of existing stuff. Just shut down your currently running syncthing and overwrite your current binary with the RCx one. Dont know if you are un*x or windows or so. Windows its the single syncthing.exe file, unix is the executable file ./syncthing

good luck.

As you are using Synctrayzor you don’t need to download and overwrite anything. Just go into settings and enable release candidates, it will update my itself

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Where is the synctrayzor(?) reference in this thread? Ah there it is trazor ;p Whatever I dont use these addon thingys. Plain vanilla here.

I intended to address @RaviAgrawal with that.

Thanks to all, Upgrading to RC5 solved the issue.:sweat_smile:

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