"Device disconnected" showing on two computers on and connected to internet

Syncthing v0.14.37

I’ve been happily using Synchting (via Synctrazor) for many months to sync a home laptop with an office computer. I’ve turned a home laptop and remote (office-based) desktop on today and each one is saying the other is disconnected.

According to Syncthing, Both devices were last seen yesterday at 16:05, though both were on until 20:00 yesterday. I only noticed nothing has synced around 12:00 PM today.

I made no changes to either machine yesterday and was using the desktop at 16:05 yesterday - when both were last connected.

Any ideas what’s happened?

Please search existing threads, there is plenty of information how to debug issues like this.

Many thanks. I had searched the threads before making the post and am continuing to do so. So far I’ve checked/ tried the following with no success:

Firewall setup - UPnP settings were already enabled on both routers Folder names - These have not changed, so no issues there.

I’ve also opened Syncthing GTK instead of SyncTrayzor and get the following message with an indefinite hang:

Connecting to Syncthing daemon at

I have only just started using ST again, so I do not really know my way around, and I am not familiar with Synctrazor. Sometimes if I cannot access the webpage it is because synthing.exe is not running. I am sure you have rebooted both computers, but you may also wish to reboot both routers as sometimes specific ports can get locked, so this would be easy to rule out. (I think ST may use dynamic ports by default if such a thing is possible, but there is no harm investigating this aspect).

Thanks for the input.

I have re-booted both computers, though not routers. Will try this next.

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